So…what’s with all the piles of sticks?

As we clean up the property and work on hardening our home against wildfire, we end up with piles of sticks everywhere! And the question most people want to know…what do you do with it? The short answer – chip it, or burn it! Any sticks that are too big to fit in our chipperContinue reading “So…what’s with all the piles of sticks?”

WSJ on Cleaning Fees

As avid travelers on Airbnb, we hate the cleaning fee. Lynda in particular is vehemently opposed! So much so, in fact, that her ranting and raving online was noticed by a journalist writing a piece on cleaning fees! Check out our ‘fifteen seconds of fame’ in the Wall Street Journal: Why Airbnb Cleaning Fees CostContinue reading “WSJ on Cleaning Fees”

Dixie Fire – After (Lake Davis)

I’m writing this instead of attending a burn plan writing workshop thru the Plumas TREX/Underburn Coop…because the road was blocked and I didn’t bring the chainsaw with me. In retrospect, this was, of course, a rookie move on my part – I knew Dixie had raged thru this area last year, pretty hot and heavyContinue reading “Dixie Fire – After (Lake Davis)”