Chaos Coordinators

Let us help manage a part of life’s chaos, and take some tasks off your plate.

Cris and Lynda like to think of themselves as professional side-hustlers, or project-based personal assistants.

When Cris stepped away from teaching, and with Lynda’s flexible independent contractor schedule, we found ourselves with a plethora of opportunities to do all sorts of odds-and-ends tasks for our friends and neighbors, from handy help, to cleaning, to arranging a moving sale.

It turns out, there’s all sorts of needs for a couple of available, able-bodied, quick learning humans! Enough to cobble together income to satisfy our needs, and beg, borrow, barter, steal the rest!

Whether looking for handy tasks, regular cleaning and organizing, landscaping, moving help, etc, we are ready to have some chaos delegated to us, so you can focus on the chaos that can’t be delegated.

In general, we charge $20-25/hour depending on the amount of skill required (each – so $40-50 for the pair). “Extra pair of hands” for cleaning, moving, etc is $20; anything that requires tools or slightly more specific knowledge is $25!

Check out examples of previous projects and client testimonials here!

Please be aware that we are “domestic repair people”/handyman, not licensed contractors.

Last updated: April 1, 2022

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