Plumas Property Management

Including Airbnb/STR rentals

Intermediate/long term rentals

“Turn over” for owners/renters

Deep cleaning + maintenance

The Cull Castle started out as a 2nd/vacation home…that lasted all of 2 months, in part because being 600 miles away and no way to check on it remotely made Lynda anxious! It can be difficult to find information on specific areas from afar. The elements are intense up here all year round – in the summer it’s fire and UV, in the winter it’s snow!

Whether you just want someone to drive by every so often and send some pics, open it up and clean out before your arrival, or interested in getting some income off it, we’re happy to discuss in more detail.

Hourly rates typically start at $25 for one of us, $45 for both.

Last updated: April 2nd, 2023

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