Cull Castle

Passive Home built in 1998 by previous owner-builder, taken over by Cris and Lynda in summer 2020. Read the whole ‘homecoming’ story!

Quail Cabin

Lightening has struck twice! Custom cabin built lovingly in 2004 by builder-by-trade from Carson City, NV. Adoringly taken over by Cris + Lynda in Dec 2021.

Looking for advice and info on things to do in Plumas County? Check out our ever-growing resources, whether staying at one of our properties or not!

Cris and Lynda

Cris is a retired Spanish teacher of all levels and grades; Lynda is a former financial advisor, both as of mid 2021 – now we are “professional side hustlers”/Chaos Coordinators, and stewards of our land!

Cris is originally from Chile, and has lived all over the US since immigrating as a teen with his family. Lynda is CA born and raised, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lynda and Cris were married in 2017 in San Diego, and permanently moved to Portola full-time in fall 2020.

Last updated: April 4th, 2022

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