Event Transportation

Cris and Lynda are committed to keeping our community’s roads safe, and we know it can be difficult, time consuming, expensive, or downright impossible to get an Uber/Lyft/taxi out here.

We love to drive, don’t drink, and spend most of our evenings enjoying the scenery and hanging out – so we are more than happy to dust off our “Stupid Large Vehicle” (Ford Expedition) to offer this otherwise difficult to find service!

Because we are a husband/wife team with limited vehicle capacity, we’re best suited for events up to ~30 guests (~45 with extra coordination and rental vehicles). See below for pricing ranges.

Each event has it’s own unique routes, guest counts, times, etc, and we pride ourselves in working with couples to offer what you need.

Following pricing is subject to change and intends to offer a “ballpark estimate” only.

For service before and/or after event:

  • 1-7 guests: $250 (1 driver; 1 vehicle)
  • 8-11 guests: $450-500 (2 drivers; 2 vehicles)
  • 12+ guests: starts at $500 depending on number of guests and accommodation locations

“The fine print”

  • Pricing listed above is a starting point/guideline since each event is different – depends on number of guests, geographical location, number of trips needed, etc.
  • Half of the balance is due upfront on contract signing in order to reserve the date; other half is due on or before event date
  • Cancellation + refund – first payment is non-refundable after 48 hrs of confirming (as long as 4+ weeks from event); second payment negotiable depending on circumstances
  • Drivers will set out a tip/gas money jar

Other Services

Drive of Pride

(the opposite of the walk of shame)

TMH allows guests to leave their cars overnight – we will pick up drivers in the AM and bring them back to their vehicles.

Midnight Munchies

People get hungry again after dancing the night away, and then are dismayed to find that in beautiful rural Plumas county….there’s essentially nowhere to get a bite to eat/delivery at 11pm/midnight.

As it happens, Cris loves to cook and feed people! Ask us about coming to pick up your guests armed with late night snacks.


We’ll show up with 2 drivers and 1 car, and drive a guest’s car to and from the venue.

Last updated: May 18th, 2023

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