How to: Caltrans Quickmap (desktop browser)

Navigate to, it will pull up a blank map: Click the first “quickmap” menu to open the options, then select “road conditions”. We recommend checking for “chain controls” and “snow plows” primarily. Clicking on an individual alert from the map will pull up more info – which direction (east/west bound), when it was lastContinue reading “How to: Caltrans Quickmap (desktop browser)”

LA Times Op-Ed: Why forest managers need to team up with Indigenous fire practitioners BY DON HANKINS, SCOTT STEPHENS AND SARA A. CLARK JULY 31, 2022 3 AM PT The forests of the Western United States are facing an unprecedented crisis, besieged by wildfires and climate change. There is a precedent for part of the solution, though: intentional burns such as those set by Indigenous peoples. Many of our forestedContinue reading “LA Times Op-Ed: Why forest managers need to team up with Indigenous fire practitioners”

So…what’s with all the piles of sticks?

As we clean up the property and work on hardening our home against wildfire, we end up with piles of sticks everywhere! And the question most people want to know…what do you do with it? The short answer – chip it, or burn it! Any sticks that are too big to fit in our chipperContinue reading “So…what’s with all the piles of sticks?”

Quick list of stuff to do – July 2022

Valley View dr water tank/Crocker Mtn Rd for sunset views! Brewing Lair – fried stuff available, bring in sandwiches on-site parking can be tough during peak times Co op in town frosty’s in graeagle bread and butter in graeagle Jamison creek waterfall – park at the cemetery in Johnsville, head toward the creek (is usuallyContinue reading “Quick list of stuff to do – July 2022”