How to: Caltrans Quickmap (desktop browser)

Navigate to, it will pull up a blank map: Click the first “quickmap” menu to open the options, then select “road conditions”. We recommend checking for “chain controls” and “snow plows” primarily. Clicking on an individual alert from the map will pull up more info – which direction (east/west bound), when it was lastContinue reading “How to: Caltrans Quickmap (desktop browser)”

Quick list of stuff to do – July 2022

Valley View dr water tank/Crocker Mtn Rd for sunset views! Brewing Lair – fried stuff available, bring in sandwiches on-site parking can be tough during peak times Co op in town frosty’s in graeagle bread and butter in graeagle Jamison creek waterfall – park at the cemetery in Johnsville, head toward the creek (is usuallyContinue reading “Quick list of stuff to do – July 2022”

Dixie Fire burn scars

While fire is an essential part of the Sierra Nevada landscape, because of a combination of different factors, today’s wildfires burn hot and heavy, scorching everything, rather than the mild to moderate intensity/severity fires of the past that contributed to forest health by clearing underbrush, thinning trees (without killing the large ones), etc. The DixieContinue reading “Dixie Fire burn scars”

Maidu Acorn Mortar Holes

The Lake Davis/Grizzly Valley area was historically used by the native Maidu people back in the day, and it’s easy to tell – just across Lake Davis dam are several easy-to-find mortar holes in the bedrock! The Maidu would grind up acorns, and over time, deep holes would be carved out of the relatively softContinue reading “Maidu Acorn Mortar Holes”

tl;dr winter driving tips

go slow, stay low; signal early, brake early, start turns early it’s 4 wheel DRIVE not 4 wheel STOP or STEER 4WD will keep the tires moving which will help to not get stuck in snow, it does not affect any other systems download caltrans quickmap + get familiar with it – it’s a bitContinue reading “tl;dr winter driving tips”

“Do I really need snow chains in Plumas County?”

tl;dr version (too long; didn’t read) Good news – there’s snow in the forecast for your mountain trip! Bad news – there’s snow in the forecast for your mountain trip! Traveling to the Sierra Nevada to play in the snow is a huge perk of being in California, so snow during your trip can beContinue reading ““Do I really need snow chains in Plumas County?””