Quick list of stuff to do – July 2022

  • Valley View dr water tank/Crocker Mtn Rd for sunset views!
  • Brewing Lair – fried stuff available, bring in sandwiches
    • on-site parking can be tough during peak times
    • Co op in town
    • frosty’s in graeagle
    • bread and butter in graeagle
  • Jamison creek waterfall – park at the cemetery in Johnsville, head toward the creek (is usually a fairly obvious path – 5~10 mins walk)
    • I think there’s directions in the binder
  • Plumas-Eureka park – old mine buildings n stuff, can pan for gold, lots of good hikes back to lakes n stuff
  • Lake Davis
    • trail goes around the lake – is maintained by rotary club + good for walking; park by the dam
    • rent fishing boats @ J&Js (must transport to lake yourself tho)
    • at the dam – bald eagle’s nest
    • cool quartz/feldspar (I think) outcropping – park on the lake side of the dam before by the boat ramp + walk up the road a little bit (back toward Grizzly/Crocker Mtn) – big giant clump o white/purple crystals in road cutout
    • on the other side of lake davis – maidu mortar holes – check website for directions?
    • dixie fire scars – keep driving up grizzly rd till the pavement runs out + keep going another ~.5 mile or so – roads were in ok shape for several miles last time we went out there
  • On Fri AM – farmer’s market at Sierra Valley farms (Blairsden on Sat)
  • Walkermine – look up on google maps + cross ref w USFS map

Last updated: July 25, 2022

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