Winter Travel/Oh Snow!

We love experiencing a rarity in California: seasons. There’s nothing quite like the crunch of snow and ice breaking thru the total quiet! Once upon a time, Lynda bolted down to SoCal the first opportunity she got and hates the cold, so here are her tips to enjoy the snow:

  • Layers, layers, layers. “Isn’t it cold outside?” “Snow is great from inside where it’s warm, and as long as I have 15 layers on outside, it’s fine!”
    • This includes a short sleeve shirt – it can get hot in the sun!
    • Go for warmth and versatility over waterproofing – until it starts melting, snow is very dry…(except for gloves/mittens! The more waterproof, the better – otherwise nitrile gloves can go a surprisingly long way!)
    • More socks than you think is necessary – including for lounging inside! Both listings have sections of hard floor that can be cold on the feet.
    • If you don’t already own snow pants – we may have an extra pair in your size, please ask! Also check out for great deals on gently used/second run sporting equipment.
  • Gloves – including some latex ones – turn any glove ‘waterproof’!
  • Sunglasses – polarized are best! Snow blindness is no fun.
  • Snow shoes – we have one pair for adults to borrow (we do ask for a $75 deposit refundable deposit, and $5/day use charge). They are actually not very expensive as far as snow equipment goes – some Costco locations have decent sets for around $75. We have extra poles that can be loaned out.
    • Lynda and Cris use MSR Evo shoes ($120-150) to trek back and forth between our properties!
  • Sleds – these seem to break every winter and need to be refreshed! We currently have 2 to loan out.
    • We get that it can be obnoxious to spend money on something like a snow sled, snowshoes, whatever, that will be used once before being shoved into storage! Within reason, if you buy any snow equipment and don’t want to take it back with you, we can discuss fair compensation to have it become part of the house’s collection.
  • See a (very) incomplete list of snow play areas here
  • See our driving tips/tire chain info here

Last updated: Dec 12th, 2022

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