Maidu Acorn Mortar Holes

The Lake Davis/Grizzly Valley area was historically used by the native Maidu people back in the day, and it’s easy to tell – just across Lake Davis dam are several easy-to-find mortar holes in the bedrock!

The Maidu would grind up acorns, and over time, deep holes would be carved out of the relatively soft stone below. They would use these holes for more acorn grinding, but also fill with water to soak them, etc.

Drive across Lake Davis dam. Continue past J&J Grizzly Resort, etc. When Lake Davis Rd starts to curve back around toward town, keep straight onto the forest service road. Turn right towards Smith Peak lookout. Park in front of (ramp 5?). Walk directly uphill ~100 ft toward boulder clusters + search around!

Last updated: May 7, 2022

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