The Mountain Maidu

While we may boast that Lynda has a family tie to the area, it’s important to note that the only reason my (white, Euromerican) grandfather was able to “purchase” this land in the first place, was because of the eradication and erasure of the native people who had been living on this land for thousands of years before – the Mountain Maidu.

(Check out the mortar holes in the bedrock just across Lake Davis!)

It is with respect and humility that we reside on and enjoy their ancestral land. One way that we show our respect is by learning about how they would have cared for and maintained the land if they had been allowed to continue living here in peace, and working to restore it to that condition.

The Maidu are still active today – in fact, they reacquired over 2,300 acres of Tásmam Koyóm, a valley on the other side of Plumas county, in 2019. Maidu Summit Consortium.

Maidu on Wikipedia

Last updated: May 7, 2022

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