Walkermine (After Dixie)

When we first moved up here, my dad asked if we’d been to the abandoned copper mine (Walkermine) just a few miles up from Lake Davis. And as my interest in rocks expanded, my interest in exploring the old mine did too.

We keep meaning to start doing “Tourist Tuesday”, where we take some time to just go explore the plethora of things to do around here.

So even though was Thursday (not Tuesday), we found ourselves with a few hours not already spoken for after lunch, and I was curiously looking at the map anyway, so we decided to go poke around!

I had attempted to get thru to Taylorsville just a few weeks prior and was thwarted by a fallen log in the road, and me without a saw. Dixie Fire had gone thru this area hot and heavy – as we were intimately aware, feeling the heat from it at the Castle while we desperately tried to create some sorry excuse for defensible space…

I’m not sure how much of the structures were still there pre-Dixie, so I’ll be on the lookout for recent-ish photos!

Last updated: May 21, 2022

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