Something to keep in mind – Plumas is quite the hidden rural gem, emphasis on “rural”. Fiber internet only became available near the main cities within the last couple of years, and it’s typically no small expense for property owners to install the “last mile” – the only other option for internet is typically satellite, which is slow, inconsistent, and has low data caps!

Because of this, it can be difficult to find a plethora of information when planning for a trip or looking for info beyond the easily-found basics! There are many businesses and attractions that don’t advertise online, and do just fine by word of mouth and repeat visitors.

This page is intended to be a collection of links and quick info to a variety of other things in Plumas county that might be a bit difficult to find otherwise. is a great resource for all kinds of things!


Please be aware that there is essentially no rideshare (Uber, Lyft) presence here – sometimes the apps will call drivers from Reno!

It’s important to have a plan in advance to get to and from places if imbibing.

Other Accommodations

As much as we wish we could provide somewhere to stay for everyone visiting, for the dates they want…there’s just not enough room here sometimes!

If the Guest Apartment and the Quail Cabin are full or otherwise not a good fit, we recommend checking with some other nearby accommodations:

  • Lake Davis Resort (Website, Facebook)
    • Small motel + cabin rentals just off Lake Davis, next to J&J Grizzly Resort; Susan usually responds quickly on FB messenger!
  • J&J’s Grizzly Resort
    • Campgrounds, next to Lake Davis Resort
    • Also has a camp/convenience store w everyday staples, candy, fishing licenses, hunting supplies
    • Kayak/canoe/fishing boat rentals – $35/day (must transport down to lake yourself)
    • (Ice auger rental available in winter for ice fishing)
  • Amber’s Airbnb
    • 2 bd 2 ba Airbnb rental in town hosted by local Realtor + wonderful person Amber Donnelly

Things To Do, Places To Go

In the summer

In the winter

Last updated: April 7, 2022

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