Plumas County is a rural gem…emphasis on rural. There is basically no Uber/Lyft/taxi service to speak of out here, which can make it problematic for visitors coming from afar, or enjoying some of the more (literally) intoxicating locales in Plumas.

For guests staying at either of our properties – please let us know if you have any transportation needs during your stay.

Info on small event transportation services (ie weddings) can be found here.

To/from Nervino airport

If you’ve got the ability to skip the traffic and fly into Sierra Valley’s Nervino air strip, we would be happy to help with the “last mile” – please contact us with the form below!

To/from Reno airport

After running a couple of weddings, we started getting requests to unite just 1-2 people from the airport with the rest of their group in Plumas, or drop off at the airport after the fun has ended.

While it’s possible to get an Uber/Lyft at the airport, many drivers are not interested in coming all the way out here (esp since they don’t get paid on the way back!). It is easily $100-300 depending on demand and destination.

Depending on time and availability, a one-way pick up or drop off at RNO is typically $125-150. Please fill out the form below.

Half of payment due upon booking to confirm date; remaining due on/before day of transport. We accept Venmo, Zelle, etc.

Last updated: Feb 12th, 2023

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