Plumas Point of Contact Person

aka “vacation/2nd house supervising”

When we bought the Cull Castle in summer of 2020, we were living and established in San Diego, and had never planned on changing that. So it was purchased as a vacation home.

It took only 2.5 months of going back and forth before we decided to permanently move to Cull Castle for a variety of reasons, one of which being that it made Lynda anxious to have little to no ability to check on our beloved new house from afar!

So we understand how useful having a full time point of contact in the area can be. Especially in an area like Plumas county, where info is scarce, conditions can change quickly and vary largely even between just a few miles, whether it’s fire conditions in the summer, or snow in the winter.

We also understand how annoying it can be to arrive at your beautiful second home…only to have to spend the next several hours cleaning and maintaining before enjoying! Not to mention the inevitable trips to the hardware store in the following days for this and that.

Delegate the necessary opening procedures to us, and we’ll take a few days before your trip to air everything out, dust it off, (walk thru all the cobwebs) and really make sure it shines – so you can get straight to enjoying on arrival. Because we also do a variety of handy tasks, we can do it all – cleaning, maintenance, basic repairs.

Get in touch with us below and give us some more details about your property and what you’re looking for in a Plumas point-of-contact person!

Last updated: May 26, 2022

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